dress [dres]
dressed or drest, dressing [ME dressen, to make straight, direct < OFr drecier, to set up, arrange < VL * directiare < L directus: see DIRECT]
1. to put clothes on; clothe
2. to provide with clothing
3. to decorate; trim; adorn
4. to arrange a display in [to dress a store window]
5. to arrange or do up (the hair)
6. to arrange (troops) in a straight line or lines
7. to apply medicines and bandages to (a wound, sore, etc.)
8. to treat as required in preparing for use, grooming, etc.; esp.,
a) to clean and eviscerate (a fowl, deer, etc.)
b) to till, cultivate, or fertilize (fields or plants)
c) to curry (a horse, leather, etc.)
d) to smooth, finish, shape, etc. (stone, wood, etc.)
1. to put on clothes; wear clothes
2. to dress in formal clothes
3. to get into a straight line or proper alignment: said of troops
1. clothes, clothing, or apparel, esp. as suitable for certain occasions [casual dress] or for a certain place or time [modern dress]
2. an outer garment for women, having a skirt and usually made in one piece: formerly and traditionally the usual garment for women, now more often limited to somewhat formal occasions
3. formal clothes
4. external covering or appearance
1. of or for dresses [dress material]
2. worn on formal occasions [a dress suit]
3. requiring formal clothes [a dress occasion]
dress down
1. to scold severely; reprimand
2. to wear casual clothes to an activity, job, etc. that ordinarily requires more formal dress
dress ship
to raise the ensign at each masthead and the flagstaff and, often, string signal flags over the mastheads from bow to stern
dress up
1. to dress in formal clothes, or in clothes more elegant, showy, etc. than one usually wears
2. to improve the appearance of, as by decorating

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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